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With most other resort developer’s points systems, the flexibility, control and options you have are only as broad and far reaching as the number of sister properties in that developer’s family of resorts. Generally, if a member of one of these points systems wants to go to a resort outside its own family of properties, they must “convert” their points to a week, deposit that week with RCI and use it as a week when they exchange it. That’s traditional timeshare, which defeats the purpose of owning a points system in the first place.

One of the greatest things about RCI POINTS is... POINTS are POINTS! There is no trading power with RCI POINTS. No longer are there the concerns about which season, size unit or resort designation to own. Think of points as a form of currency. A dollar in Hawaii is the same as a dollar in San Antonio! All that matters is that you have enough points to confirm the reservation request you have chosen. We are your best source to achieve this goal.

The point values are based upon several variables including location of resort, resort quality, resort amenities, unit configuration, resort and regional demand and time of year.

Your reservation can be given to anyone you wish. You can purchase a Guest Certificate, which allows your friends and/or family to take advantage of the reservation. Guests must be at least 18 years old. Some resorts, however, may have higher age requirements.

RCI Points Partners are other travel and leisure-related companies that you have access to and can use your Points with in exchange for their products and services. Examples include airlines, cruise lines, hotels, car rentals and more.

When searching RCI.com, simply select the "Points Range" search dimension and select 0- 10,000 Points. You'll see all vacation options available for less than 10,000 Points, and you can add additional filters to narrow your results further.